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Insurance ???

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Ok, I'm in the process of finding a new insurance provider right now (I was on my parent's policy for an extended time due to higher ed), and want to hear some opinions of what's best. So far, I've got the lowest quote from Progressive (about $99 a month), and the next best is Geico ($104 I believe). Anybody have experience (good or bad) with either one?
Any thoughts?

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Story I hear is Progressive is too aggressive. They make it seem like they are the best in the world by showing up sometimes within minutes of you calling to report your claim. Give you a check on the spot, sign some papers, and when it winds up costing more to fix your car or you get diagnosed with something really bad, then you realize you signed away all your rights when to took their check. If you know how to play their game, then you might do ok by them.

I had Geico before I bought my first house and had to make a claim for hail damage on a pickup. They were reasonably priced and handled the claim well. Thats been ten years ago tho.

A few years ago I got into Amica which is reputedly the best possible insurance anywhere and so far I've been more than just impressed. I keep recommending Amica to my friends and family but everyone I've recommended so far has been turned down. Apparently they only accept customers they deem very low risk. I don't know if your age would be a factor but if you don't have any tickets or accidents on your record in the last three years, it can't hurt to call them and see. Good luck.

Phil D.
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