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Intake plenum work

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well I've got the RC intake pipe and TB I was wondering what can be done to the intake plenum. I was thining of using my new dremel tool to port/polish it but remember hearing that it need to stay somewhat rough to help the air/fule mixture atomize. Any help or suggestion?

What is a good way of cleaning it up? Bead/sand blast? Coatings?

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You do not have to have the plenum rough. It can be smooth as no fuel is in the plenum. It's the ports in the head, where the fuel is sprayed, that shouldn't be silky smooth.

Portmatch the intake by using your new gaskets as a reference and removing all the excess material to the edge of the gasket on all of the places where there is a gasket on the intake.

I used wrinkle paint on my intake and polished the raised area and I get alot of comments on it and I like how it looks. I was going to polish the whole thing but I wimped out after I realized how much work it was going to take to get it done. I still have a spare so maybe one day when I have a garage I will attempt it.
I'm currently trying to polish my cam tower covers (PITA!) to a mirror shine. So this project is a little ways off. I was wondering about some kind of heat rejecting coating ... ceramic maybe?

yep, ceramic would be a good idea. Polish the insides and port match it. But widening the port size will make top end hp at the expense of some low end.
is this really a good idea, bumping the power higher up the rpm band??

i find our cars pretty lacking in the low end... i mean, i can take on most cars in third gear, but i get absolutely destroyed coming off the line, even when i get a good launch...

maybe its just me, but id really like to find a way to get some more low end power from the mkII.
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