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Most of those MkIVs are hardly even wrecked compared to many I've seen at auction. The worst one I've seen hit in the front folded the car in the middle and pushed the back of the targa into the rear seat. The front wheels and engine ended up about were the drivers knees used to be. The whole car was about 4-5 ft shorter than it used to be. The funniest one I ever saw was a beautiful IJM 98 that must have had a tree or pole fall on it. Whatever it was landed perfectly across the targa. The targa and both doors had a big U shaped bend right down to the center console. Some poor smuck must have been in it at the time becuase you could see where they cut the windshield and hatch off of it (probably what totalled it). I'm really amazed sometimes at how many relatively rare cars end up out there frequently.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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