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Well 145, 160, or 161 hp isn't a whole lot in modern cars. The automatic doesn't help either. Most of the usual four cylinder cars shouldn't be a problem, but you'll have a lot of trouble with 6 cylinder cars. Most 6cyl cars these days are well over 200+ hp and don't weight that much more than a MkII. A lot of the hi po 4cyl car make impressive power #s but the overall power band sucks (i.e S2000). Going with a 6M with a few basic mods will really help out a MkII, and a turbo should really wake a MkII up. Of course maybe it is just you :D . I blew away an Integra on the freeway today. Damn that thing had a loud #$& exhaust. I could hear him coming from 20 cars back :turn-l:
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