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Most 4bangers (most all honda's), older V6's, and heavy things like SUV's and trucks a slightly modded 5m-ge would tie or beat. Aside from that you'll have a very hard time keeping up with most 6ers, especially being automatic.
In the quarter mile a tenth of a second translates to a car length about, so an automatic would fall like 5 cars behind a manual in the same race. Doesn't seem alot on paper but when you get out there it's alot.
My 6m-ge can tie a brand new mustangGT and beat out a stock 5.0 but that's as far as I go. turbo eclipses, 3000gts, b16 civics and CRX's, I can't touch yet.

If you go turbo that's another story...

[edit] while searching around for quarter mile times I found this it has the 84' supra as 16.4. Figure a 6m-ge will do in the low 15's and a turbo setup I've heard some of the guys around here doing under 14's with stock internals.
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