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Is there any important things I should do to my car before reinstalling all of the interior?

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I've been slowly but surely restoring my 82 celica supra, and it wouldn't be without all of the helpful advice and input ive read and received from you guys on here! I really appreciate it. Now that I'm almost done with fixing most of the small things and getting ready to install all of the interior from my parts car, I'm wondering if there are any precautionary measures or other things I should (or could) do before I install the interior to help preserve the car and increase it's longevity? Any other helpful/ useful modifications, etc.?

I think I'm gong to have to reseal the sunroof compartment, and that is what made me think to write this post. Should I have any reason to be concerned with trying to seal anything else (e.g. the rear windows)?

Is there anything that can be done to help soundproof it from the road noise?

Any wiring or vulnerable areas that need to be checked and/or reinforced?

Any and all ideas and input is appreciated! Please let me know what you guys think. When I am done I will make sure to post some pictures showing you guys what I end up doing.
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Other people can weigh in on this... but "Roof Patch" (or Rubberised Asphalt Coating) for houses... can be painted on the entire Floor pan from above & below.... Obviously it/s designed to take a beating from all kinds of exposure to the Elements... so IMHO... is a lot better & Cheaper... than finding Butyl rubber sheets... & having to cut them to size/fit them...

Just (Literally) "Paint".. the whole Floor & you can put as many Coats as you want... just give final coat a could of days to dry & harden....

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