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is this a bs rx7 or what??

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check this out, he says he beat a twin turbo supra and bunch of other cars. but his 1/4 mile time is 16.51 @ 83 mph. i'd say this is bs

check this out
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Sorry, but I think this guy is a dork!!!!!! :shock: :roll: :p

Let's see... Intake, slighty bigger exhaust, wires, plugs, and some "creative tuning"..... With the trap speed & time listed, this probably sounds about right for the number of mods that he did. Notice that nothing is listed in his mods list, regarding a turbo or NOS.

One more person who has been reading too many magazines & needs to put them down, IMO...... :?

AND.... It's a 2nd Gen RX7 GLH, NOT the Turbo II model......

Personally, I think either the MKIV TT driver did not know how to drive or launch, OR it was actually a MKIV NA that he beat.

This year I should say that "I" beat Tozer, Saad, & the Titan MKIV's at the Vegas meet w/ my 18 second time. Yeah, that should go over "really" well...... :idea:
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Short of the mk IV breaking...the only way that kid beat a mk IV was if the Mk IV driver got confused and thought he was running out for a quart of milk and not drag racing.

I even find those times suspect from the mods he had listed. The 13B in that thing in N/A trim from the factory was like something in the area of 17.0 I seriously doubt he's gonna get .5 seconds from an intake, exhaust, and some damn plug wires..

Of course, the funniest part was.. "I beat a TT Supra, a WRX, (a few other ars that I forget and I don;t feel like looking aagain to see), but I was beat by a Plymouth Horizon!?!?!. I think this kid is confused. Someone needs to explain that when you cross the line AFTER the other car, that means you lose...not win.
He probably mixed up his "Kill list" to his "GOT KILLED by list" :lol:
Sounds to me like he needs to go buy a real car, like a....a... A HONDA CIVIC! Then he can REALLY get a cool car after putting in some plug wires!
16:51 did he push the car to victory or tow it? :lol: my extended cab trucks runs that, (at least i think it would compared to a number like that!) that rx-7 couldn't out run an n/a mkiv if its going in reverse [email protected]#

P.S. sorry for the f.& f. quote kinda cheezy but seemed proper the the occation. :oops:
Well, the way he wrote it, he said he kept it pretty consistent, so I take it to mean that he beat them in bracket racing.

Its actually a lot harder for the faster cars to stay consistent than for a slower one.
If hes proud of his car-he dont understand bracket racing-now if he pulls 10 identical runs, he should be proud of hisself-Freakin 2CV Citroen is a great bracket racer! :roll: -Mike P
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