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Sorry, but I think this guy is a dork!!!!!! :shock: :roll: :p

Let's see... Intake, slighty bigger exhaust, wires, plugs, and some "creative tuning"..... With the trap speed & time listed, this probably sounds about right for the number of mods that he did. Notice that nothing is listed in his mods list, regarding a turbo or NOS.

One more person who has been reading too many magazines & needs to put them down, IMO...... :?

AND.... It's a 2nd Gen RX7 GLH, NOT the Turbo II model......

Personally, I think either the MKIV TT driver did not know how to drive or launch, OR it was actually a MKIV NA that he beat.

This year I should say that "I" beat Tozer, Saad, & the Titan MKIV's at the Vegas meet w/ my 18 second time. Yeah, that should go over "really" well...... :idea:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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