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Short of the mk IV breaking...the only way that kid beat a mk IV was if the Mk IV driver got confused and thought he was running out for a quart of milk and not drag racing.

I even find those times suspect from the mods he had listed. The 13B in that thing in N/A trim from the factory was like something in the area of 17.0 I seriously doubt he's gonna get .5 seconds from an intake, exhaust, and some damn plug wires..

Of course, the funniest part was.. "I beat a TT Supra, a WRX, (a few other ars that I forget and I don;t feel like looking aagain to see), but I was beat by a Plymouth Horizon!?!?!. I think this kid is confused. Someone needs to explain that when you cross the line AFTER the other car, that means you lose...not win.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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