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marlowmk2 said:
well my car is RUNNING! WOOHOO! :D , big thanks to everybody that answered my stupid questions (just posted another one :roll: ) Now i can put my tires, brakes on, get some cheap ass insurance (any suggestions?), pass emmsions, and go autocrossing!!
Congrats on getting the car running...I'm sure you've got to be very happy about that! No such thing as stupid questions, that's what the forum and the website are here for. ;) That's good news.

About insurance...I have my 83 P-type insured with 21st Century Insurance - 100/300/100 liability, $100 deductible comp/collision, uninsured motorist, towing, rental etc.

It's like $780 per year ($65 per month). Not bad for that much coverage, and I set it up online - never had to talk to an agent or make a phone call, and they emailed me a copy of my proof of insurance card, while I waited for my documents to come in the mail.
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