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i thought i had seen something about this on here before, but i could not find it. yes i tried the search :D

this guy has told me all he has done is

"Hi Jeremy,

It has 330hp with the potential of 350. It was
dyno tested. Performance plugs and wires, along with the
highflow exhaust boost the horsepower.

that is straight from my email. i asked for a dyno sheet and if anyother engine work was done and this was the reply

"i had it done but i dont have the print out. it was
done at Euro-asia car specialists. i doubt they have
it though because there shop caught fire. The plugs
are some expensive ass $16 a piace plugs with a wire
set for an american muscle car. but your supra if it
is an 84 should have about 285 hp if it is stock,
cause my tercel has 205 hp and it is stock.
any more questions just ask, ill answer instead of my wife so
u get the right stats."

Is this guy on Crack!!!!!!!!!!!! jsut want to know whats up.

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