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wanted to know if anyone would be is interested in a JDM mk2 dash (cluster besel) gauges.......
post w/ your feedback
i would like to know
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Uhm, silly question, but other then characters (and possibly mirrored), well, and being metric, how different is it from the stock USDM gauge cluster?
I'll sell you a knock off, its in kms with english number characters, just like the JDM ones! :wink:
Seriously, what's the difference? :? Lets see some pics of it, at least.
New emoticon please!!!! I saw one on the SF's that read "This thread is useless without pictures"!!

So...... Pictures please!!!!! Is this "so called" JDM dash from a RHD CelicaXX???
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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