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Here a bit of a promotional thank you to Archangel1183 for selling these babies... I bought a set for my SDR and one for the 92 MKIII.

Here is Archangel1183's sale thread, showing the capsules:

Here is a thread on one method of installation where you remove just the yellow glass part and install it onto the MKII bulb holder. Not really sure how he is holding the yellow lens using the US holders though...??

I decided to leave the capsules alone and not risk breaking the lens or scratching it trying to remove them and swapped in the entire JDM capsule into the MKII fog housing. I found that I needed to use the entire JDM holder anyway because the US bulb holders did not have that spot welded bracket that hold the yellow lenses. In either case, mine or mallow's method (link above) some prying of material is necessary.

In my case, after prying off the US bulb holder from the housing ( I also removed the metal bulb shield in the housing for highest brightness by cutting it up into little pieces with a long sheet metal hand cutter and pulling them out through the opening), I dropped in the new JDM capsules. I made several attempts to return the press points to their original position, but gave up and decided to use that fabulous ultra gray around the entire rim where the holder meets the housing. The holders fit pretty tightly into the hole anyway even without re-pressing the press points or using ultra gray, so using the silicone was just for added benefit,

For the MKIII they were a direct drop in.

However, these JDM capsules don't have a ground tab, so for both the MKII and MKIII, I pried off the copper ground tabs on the US holders and soldered them to the JDM holders.

They look absolutely great, glad I did this.

Bulbs are H3 55 watts

the SDR, with all the inner metal shields removed for full driving lights, Also I have amber bulbs in the parking light next to the fog.

...and the MKIII


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Nice job guys!! Driving lights rock!!!!
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