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Josh picked up an '88 mk3T Sunday

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Don't want to totally steal his thunder, but my friend Josh Brower picked up an '88 Turbo on Sunday. It has just over 100K miles on it. The people he bought it from drove the car 2 hours to meet him, then Josh drove it 1.5 hrs back home. No problems. Looks like a fine Winter project!!!

Oh, by the way, he paid $900 for the car!!!!!!! :shock:
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DAM why cant I find a good deal like that :explode: :bad-word:
Chad, is Josh going to strip this car for a 7M swap into his MK2?
:eek: no kidding where to find a deal like that,
what if he ends up liking the mk3 :shock:
You gotta do the swap :wink:

Well thanks Chad. I do like the MKIII Better and have decided to sell my MKII.....


Anyway yes it is for a future project I am really not familiar with this motor and will have questions up very soon. I want it to be running 110% before I pull it and do the swap.

Although the sellers were very excited to call the guy from Wisconsin (they were in Ohio met me in Michigan) and tell him to head back home it was sold. I found the ad on Thursday and I bought it Saturday morning. They ran an ad in a small local paper and never really caught on as to why people from other states were calling.

Sad part is the guy wold have probably taken $800 the way he jumped on $900. He was asking $1000 and had it up for sale 2 days.
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Excellent find Josh. But damnit, now there will be more competition getting rid of the extra MK3 parts :cry:

It will be a bit until I am parting out the 88 so no worries.

I am now going to go 5mgte for my wifes 85 hopefully it will be wrapped up in October then this winter and next spring I hope to do my 7mgte.

Then nest summer is parts time for the MKIII ...
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