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Just bought an 82 celicasupra !!!!!

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YES HAHA MY FIRST CAR !!! although right now its a big piece of junk right now when i put some money into it it will be a beast (5mge by the way) !!!!:thumbsup: haha heres the list of problems ! lol
1. the key doesnt work in the doors, only the ignition
2. the driver side door doesnt open from the outside lol
3. the previous owner was stupid.....he used tape as a coupling on the intake ... so lack of air causes my engine to choke and die .... if it does stay running it has low rpms...
4. the interior !!!! ( i will focus on this last )
5. it sat for six and a half years
6. needs an oil change.
7. needs a cas tank cover.
8. needs new belts....
9. new sparkplugs ?
10. the steering column is kinda messed up .. it locks while you drive ......
11.probably has an aged tranny and could use a replacement......
thats alot of crap to do ... but nothing to complicated...
theres probably more i will post pictures..... if you know where i can get cheap parts let me know.. and if you have any suggestions for me please let me know!!!!
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sorry if i sound dumb but whats L-type and p-type ? umm its flat black right now ... im gonna paint it after i fix the engine and get it running a little better
lol ok thanks haha i think it might be p type let me lok into it thers some pictures of it ... enjoy lol its a little crappy haha
thanks :D haha if you would ... could you check out a few of the problems i posted on the general tech forum ?
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