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just whining, if your job/boss sucks, chime in ;)

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my boss sucks...

today, i showed up at 830am (i work at 1pm) to deliver some papers, which i put together on my own time, as a volunteer thing, and not only did he not even look at them, but he proceeded to berate me and generally treat me like crap in front of 4 other employees.

now, when i do something wrong, i dont mind getting chewed, but at least in the office or away from the rest of the staff...

anyone got hookups for a decent job in alberta? :D

my two weeks notice is going in soon.

again, sorry to vent, but i had to do it somewhere :mad: :evil:
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awesome thread, i was just gonna make a 'im venting, sorry of bothering everyone thread' .

i show up at work today at around 7:30, go through all my bullshit in the morning that i go through. from 7:45 to around 8:00 i take my morning smoke break to wake up a little and try to get motivated to work(been kinda hard to do lately with all the shit details that a normal person with my time in service doesnt get, but i somehow do get).

at around 7:55 i went to go look for my partner thats helping me with this detail i got for the, couldnt find him, so i started the work on my own. after about 30 minutes of doing the work i try to go find him again, while at the same time going to smoke another cigarette(i could have swore i saw him go outside.. seriously).

after i finish my smoke, i go back inside and all of a sudden i have like 3 people tellin me the shift chief want me and my supervisor in his office, im like what the hell, why cant he leave me alone, im doing what he wants me to do so i dont have to listen to his power tripping ass.

so me and my supervisor go into his office and he proceeds to chew my ass on pretty much everything that 'i wasnt doing', he said he was gonna start a paperwork trail to get me kick out of the air force if i dont straighten up and blah blah blah. he assumes i have a problem with authority, when i really only have a problem with him, and he knows that.

so he writes paperwork on me, i leave, my supervisor stays back, and he tell my supervisor to write paperwork on me too.. what the fuck. after my supervisor and the holier than thou shift chief get done, my supervisor takes me outside to tell me that he tried to stick up for me, not to let what was said discourage me and stuff like that.

this man has had a problem with me since he got here, writing paperwork on me on the most stupid shit, and i really do think he will go to his fullest to get me kicked out.

i guarentee, if thsi had been a civilian in this situation, the conversation would have ended with him calling the hospital to get my foot out of his throat :mad:

once again, sorry for venting to everyone, sorry for making it so long.. its jsut been a shitty day and its not even half way over :(
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Ahh yes, the old foot in the throat maneuver! :x

I had an ass like that when I was in the Army(fort Polk, LA, swampland of America!) He screwed with me every minute he could cuz I corrected him the first day he was assigned to our shop. I told him he shouldn't connect the orange wire on the CUCV to the other wire, he looked at me with a smug look and said, Private, just sit there and learn something!
Next thing you know, the wire is smoking all the way thru the firewall and my shop is laughing their asses off at this SGT!
After 3 months of laughing in his face, someone found him at home trying to hang himself in his bathroom!
--and yes I'm proud of being a part of it too! Serves the big fawkin' clown right for demoting me from E-3 back to E-1 for shit like rank not "subdued" (military talk for the little metal thingys on your collar not being painted black)!!!
Anyways, just shrug it off guys, no sense in losing your mind or your money for some jack off with a cock up his ass.
just keep thinking that what comes around, goes around...

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i keep thinking of it every time i smile to his face and make him mad that i havent gotten as angry as him... :)

a good feeling, to be the bigger person, even if youd gladly kick their ass :)
damn that must suck

for me i work at a sonic as a cook work here really sucks and i hate it but me being seventeen 7 bucks an hour is great. one of my managers is real cool and she jokes around with me all the time. one of them is an ass once i get to work then he lightens up as time passes the other one i dont see often cause i rarley work on his shift. finally i get to the general manager he is just a dumbass that thinks he knows everything and screws me over on my hours and such

my managers arent what pisses me off its just working there in general. i can do the work with no problem i just choose not to because i hate it there. id hate to say it but sonic is the reason why i started smoking i know i know im only seventeen but it really calms me down especially after being stressed out going outside to smoke a cig then come back inside and i am just calm and relaxed

i know it doesnt compare to some of the stuff you guys go through but to me it is incredibly stressful and i just hate it but at seventeen you dont havve many options
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ok, i work for a company called software spectrum. their main client is aol. i give aol tech support over the phone. i get the stupidest damned calls everyday. it amazes me how dumb some people are. i got a gy today maybe 25 that cant read. wtf does he need the internet for? he needs to spend that money on night school and learn something. then i get a call from some old guy that downloaded kaza. it completely screwed up his pc somehow so he calls and i have to listen to him yell about how i better fix his pc or he'll cancel his acct. so i promptly transfered him to cancelations. then i get a lady that ran a restore disc and is getting the message, operating system not found on any device, and she is blaming aol cause she is the retard that hit format. oh, and the people that turn the pc off when you tell them to close aol, or the morons hat say windows 98mexp when you ask what version of windows, or say dsl when you ask what ver of aol. how can they be that stupid? honestly. it amazes me. oh, and when you here people are stupid enough to put the mouse on the monitor. its true, the f*#$ing idiots actually do that. you tell them to double click on my computer, then you hear something smaking the monitor, you ask them what the noise is and they tell you they are hitting the mouse on the screen but nothing is happening. you ask them if thats normally how they click on stuff and of coarse they say no,so if you have never had to do that to click on something why the f*@k did you do it this time. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i hate my job. 99% of the calls are i d 10 t errors. these people shouldnt be allowed near a microwave much less a pc. oh, and my boss. hehehe, what a genius he is. wants to know why i was on the phone for an hour with a member but just heard me complain that i was on a relay call(where a deaf person types to someone and they read me the info and vise versa) so he knows those take a long time. oh, and he looks just like spanky from the little rascals. ok, enough beotching from me. i have finished venting. ill be ready to vent again in another 20-30min unfortuneatly. lol.
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I've got a good therapy suggestion. Rent a movie called "Office Space" and you'll start feeling better! This is one of my top 10. :lol:
williamb82 said:
ok, i work for a company called software spectrum. their main client is aol. i give aol tech support over the phone. i get the stupidest damned calls everyday...

Bro, I feel your pain. I find myself on the phone a lot doing tech support for my clients - PC related issues, email etc.

But...I cannot imagine the hell that is your job. AOL tech support? I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone - ever!

Have you considered a job change? Damn....I would.
i just found out that the lab manager in my store has been skimming me for hours... ive been tracking it, and im getting shorted 1/2-2 hours a week.

now, i know most of you would quit instantly, but ive found a better way.

im getting a transfer and a promotion. :D

different store, different manager, more money...
it should tide me over until i find a better job.
holy crap im drowning in paperwork....
i work for a DC battery supplier for cell phone tower backup, so we got this huge job with 300 sites (each with 12 150+ lb batteries :shock: ) and every site has 20 pages of paperwork to be filled out and copied and half sent to our contractor! Thats 6000 peices of paper (for those of you that have not graduated the 4th grade :D )!!!! And im stuck with them all!!!!
Ahhh, the joys of tech support. If ever you need proof of the stupidity of the masses, work a tech support job.

Oh, and I second that opinion; watch Office Space
well, i need to find a new job but this one is very steady. lol. lots of idiots on aol. lol. the reason i got stuck with this job is because i have an associates degree in electronic and computer engineering technology. no one would higher me saying that i had no feild experience. im mean come on, i was 20 years old and just got my degree, when did i have time to aquire feild expereince? anyway, ive been working here for almost a year and at the end of next month i get another paid week of vacation time. after i use that i will hardcore look for another job. this one pays squat. also, im a hardware guy so its harder to find a job i like. i hate messing with programs.
William,I feel your pain,though a bit different.A very large percentage of my phone calls each day,are not looking for parts.Stupid @$#%!&*%$# people that not only,are not sure what they need,but think we should be able to diagnose there cars over the phone.To top it off,when you do help them,they either don't believe you,and/or go buy the parts from someone else.
So if any of you call Nix 99 and get someone with an attitude in his voice,it's probably me,just finished with another MORON,and wishing I was at home instead of work :roll:
well, when i worked at autozone, after the first 2 months, i would not trouble shoot their cars over the phone. i would tell them to call a mechanic. then if they had there car outside id figure out whats wrong, but not tell them. id grab the part and tell them how much. they could either buy the part and then id tell them how to fix it or what to tell a mechanic, or id put it up and tell them to see a mechanic. beleive it or not i got many more sales that way. the mechanic will always rip you off. so in your situation, i would not troubleshoot anything over the phone, id say, call back when you know what you need and ill see if we have it and tell you how much it is.
p.s. yes my jobs have made me a cold harted bastard when it comes to stupid people.
williamb82 said:
p.s. yes my jobs have made me a cold harted bastard when it comes to stupid people.
lmao, that is hilarious, my jobs have made me that way too, i worked customer service for compuserve internet service for awhile and after the millions of stupid calls i took it made me cold hearted.
well, at autozone, my boss was a dick and just as ignorant, if not more ignorant, then most of the customers. he sold one guy a new fuel pressure regulator when the part he showed him was a pulsation dampener off of the fuel pump. i told him what it was but he still sold the guy the wrong part cause the computer didnt have a listing for what it actually was so i was wrong. to bad the guy was pissed when he came back t oreceive the part he ordered and it was wrong. oh, and he didnt know what the spring in the oil filters is for. a customer asked him and he was clueless. thats a easy one. moron. then the job i have now. hehe, its a joke. i have been amazed almost daily at how stupid people are. some of the questions i get makes me wish i could just tell them to jump off a bridge and end their life cause they are wasting valuable oxygen. i have actually told some one to take their pc back to the store. the moron asked how to install aol, so i told him to put the disc in the cd rom drive and id walk him through it. then he says, "oh, you mean i have to take the computer out of the box?" what a f*&$in idiot. i mean come on. they need to devlope a common sense pill so i can start prescribing it.i asked him where he bought it and he said best buy. then i told him to take it back to best buy and get a refund. he asked me why, and i told him, because if your that stupid you do not need a pc. you need to go back to elementry school.
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thats frikin brillaint man cheers

anyways i just started working for regal cinemas like 2 weeks now and its a pretty chill job i do consessions and clean up shit there is alot of downtime between movies and teh bosses are cool(well some not all) and i get to see movies for free but hell it really beats working at a lodge on a mountain wahing dishes :twisted:

at teh mountain(mt bachelor) i was minding my own bussines washing some shit and one of teh busers comes in and fucking throws shit everywere on my counter and dosnt help organize like they should i told her and she walkes off i tell my mnager and they talk to her then someone pissed me off and i kicked a huge fucking hole in there damn wall i ended up haveing to fix teh hole and got suspended . god i hate being 17 and minimim wage
You guys are really taking me back-Im freekin ancient-17 was long ago-but I remember what it was like-Its worse when you do know something, unlike most of your brain dead peers-I had over 100 jobs(!??!) before I was 21-Quit or got fired every way how-Have had just 3 Since-IMO, It gets better-If it wasnt for Dumbass people the company I work for(ATCDG) wouldnt sell any damn parts, but that dont make dealing with the BS any better-My one coworker on the order desk is a 24 year old computer tech grad from WSU- He can work our computers great, but after 4 yrs in this business, he still doesnt know a filter from a gasket-Im tired of telling customers "Im sorry" for him-Ive been the boss before, And I quit doing that-Im just an asshole now, not a flaming one like I was when I was boss-I dont know much, except sudden money, that brings out the worst/best in people as giving them Hire/Fire responsibility-My 22 yr old son is a parts manager at a Mitsu Dealer, and he LUVS idiots-Thats how he makes his moola-
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