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awesome thread, i was just gonna make a 'im venting, sorry of bothering everyone thread' .

i show up at work today at around 7:30, go through all my bullshit in the morning that i go through. from 7:45 to around 8:00 i take my morning smoke break to wake up a little and try to get motivated to work(been kinda hard to do lately with all the shit details that a normal person with my time in service doesnt get, but i somehow do get).

at around 7:55 i went to go look for my partner thats helping me with this detail i got for the, couldnt find him, so i started the work on my own. after about 30 minutes of doing the work i try to go find him again, while at the same time going to smoke another cigarette(i could have swore i saw him go outside.. seriously).

after i finish my smoke, i go back inside and all of a sudden i have like 3 people tellin me the shift chief want me and my supervisor in his office, im like what the hell, why cant he leave me alone, im doing what he wants me to do so i dont have to listen to his power tripping ass.

so me and my supervisor go into his office and he proceeds to chew my ass on pretty much everything that 'i wasnt doing', he said he was gonna start a paperwork trail to get me kick out of the air force if i dont straighten up and blah blah blah. he assumes i have a problem with authority, when i really only have a problem with him, and he knows that.

so he writes paperwork on me, i leave, my supervisor stays back, and he tell my supervisor to write paperwork on me too.. what the fuck. after my supervisor and the holier than thou shift chief get done, my supervisor takes me outside to tell me that he tried to stick up for me, not to let what was said discourage me and stuff like that.

this man has had a problem with me since he got here, writing paperwork on me on the most stupid shit, and i really do think he will go to his fullest to get me kicked out.

i guarentee, if thsi had been a civilian in this situation, the conversation would have ended with him calling the hospital to get my foot out of his throat :mad:

once again, sorry for venting to everyone, sorry for making it so long.. its jsut been a shitty day and its not even half way over :(
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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