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You guys are really taking me back-Im freekin ancient-17 was long ago-but I remember what it was like-Its worse when you do know something, unlike most of your brain dead peers-I had over 100 jobs(!??!) before I was 21-Quit or got fired every way how-Have had just 3 Since-IMO, It gets better-If it wasnt for Dumbass people the company I work for(ATCDG) wouldnt sell any damn parts, but that dont make dealing with the BS any better-My one coworker on the order desk is a 24 year old computer tech grad from WSU- He can work our computers great, but after 4 yrs in this business, he still doesnt know a filter from a gasket-Im tired of telling customers "Im sorry" for him-Ive been the boss before, And I quit doing that-Im just an asshole now, not a flaming one like I was when I was boss-I dont know much, except sudden money, that brings out the worst/best in people as giving them Hire/Fire responsibility-My 22 yr old son is a parts manager at a Mitsu Dealer, and he LUVS idiots-Thats how he makes his moola-
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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