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damn that must suck

for me i work at a sonic as a cook work here really sucks and i hate it but me being seventeen 7 bucks an hour is great. one of my managers is real cool and she jokes around with me all the time. one of them is an ass once i get to work then he lightens up as time passes the other one i dont see often cause i rarley work on his shift. finally i get to the general manager he is just a dumbass that thinks he knows everything and screws me over on my hours and such

my managers arent what pisses me off its just working there in general. i can do the work with no problem i just choose not to because i hate it there. id hate to say it but sonic is the reason why i started smoking i know i know im only seventeen but it really calms me down especially after being stressed out going outside to smoke a cig then come back inside and i am just calm and relaxed

i know it doesnt compare to some of the stuff you guys go through but to me it is incredibly stressful and i just hate it but at seventeen you dont havve many options
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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