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Ahh yes, the old foot in the throat maneuver! :x

I had an ass like that when I was in the Army(fort Polk, LA, swampland of America!) He screwed with me every minute he could cuz I corrected him the first day he was assigned to our shop. I told him he shouldn't connect the orange wire on the CUCV to the other wire, he looked at me with a smug look and said, Private, just sit there and learn something!
Next thing you know, the wire is smoking all the way thru the firewall and my shop is laughing their asses off at this SGT!
After 3 months of laughing in his face, someone found him at home trying to hang himself in his bathroom!
--and yes I'm proud of being a part of it too! Serves the big fawkin' clown right for demoting me from E-3 back to E-1 for shit like rank not "subdued" (military talk for the little metal thingys on your collar not being painted black)!!!
Anyways, just shrug it off guys, no sense in losing your mind or your money for some jack off with a cock up his ass.
just keep thinking that what comes around, goes around...

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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