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thats frikin brillaint man cheers

anyways i just started working for regal cinemas like 2 weeks now and its a pretty chill job i do consessions and clean up shit there is alot of downtime between movies and teh bosses are cool(well some not all) and i get to see movies for free but hell it really beats working at a lodge on a mountain wahing dishes :twisted:

at teh mountain(mt bachelor) i was minding my own bussines washing some shit and one of teh busers comes in and fucking throws shit everywere on my counter and dosnt help organize like they should i told her and she walkes off i tell my mnager and they talk to her then someone pissed me off and i kicked a huge fucking hole in there damn wall i ended up haveing to fix teh hole and got suspended . god i hate being 17 and minimim wage
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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