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Here's the new 1J setup. Literally everything modded that can be modified and upgraded, except for going dry sump. It even has billet mains, Carrillo H-beams, L19 head studs, even used a torque plate for honing, ARP everywhere. Built the engine, made the entire wiring harness for the Pro-EFI from scratch. Runs like a champ!

Obviously, I only care about performance. :) Found out the previous owner did me a huge favor, and modded the strut towers to accommodate the lowering of the car.

Fixed the headlights and secured the turbo blanket, after this video was made. lol
2nd gear pull, 17 inch drag radials are phenomenal. Other 16 inch wheels will get the bias ply slicks for the track.

Dog box demonstration. Instant high RPM engagement not shown in the video. Double clutching is a thing (used to put into 2nd gear), and I think it's fine for street use.
Six point cage installed, mainly to join the front and rear frame rails, but safety is first.

Launch control works, too. Line lock installed.

Goal was to have a sleeper and make 1000whp on the 150 shot. Mid 800's without nitrous. Tuning it myself on 93 octane. Last car I tuned myself, made 635rwhp on a 2J block on 93 and meth injection. No methanol this time around. Estimated ~500whp at the moment. These Gen2 6466 turbos are truly worth it.
It's a shame nobody makes diff or hub stubs. Maybe the Magnus slip valve will help "cushion" the launches. If they break, I'll probably end up spending the money to get custom "one off" units made, or replace the entire rear drive line. Hopefully, they'll survive the dyno sessions planned in mid to late 2018.

Having people walk up and compliment the car, or people praising it while driving down the road in it's condition, is one of the reasons I enjoy these cars.

Build thread is on another site.

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Oh shit, you're doing a 2GR FSE swap? Please fill us in, as those engines are rather impressive.

edit - found your thread. I take it that didn't work out?
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