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kdela's '82 2JZ NA W.I.P

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Hi all, another 2jz swap thread w.i.p. thread.
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This is my '82, I'm building it to be a street car but with a focus on response and handling more than power.

I've got a donor '01 IS300 and will be taking the vvti 2JZ and wiring harness, and using an ECUMaster EMU Black. I will also be using 1ZZ coil packs for this project. Below, I've taken a pic of 90% of the hardware to be used with this swap.
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Because there is a wealth of info on these threads, I will share what I have accumulated in hopes that when I'm stuck, I won't be defaulted to 'search the thread' for the questions I'm going to have with this swap. Hardware parts list with some OEM numbers include:

31111-22140 2JZ-W58 Bellhousing
31121-35020 Clutch Housing Cover x2
31126-22050 Clutch Boot (x1)
31204-22050 Clutch fork SC300 5 speed.
31236-14010 Fork Support for W58
13405-46040 Flywheel
EXEDY 16085 Clutch Kit for SC300
ARP Flywheel Bolts, Head Studs
XCessive Engine Mounts
NGK 48668 Coil Pack (1ZZ)
Radium Fuel Rail / Regulator / FPR Gauge
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I have since pulled out both engines and wiring harnesses, and have dryfit the 2JZ block into the Supra to do some measurements for a special piece for this build. The block is going to be pulled out and getting a top end refresh.

From here on, I will try to post detailed shots and processes whenever something gets assembled/mounted. Thanks for following along :)
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We have less info about the 82.
But i have a pdf of the 82 wiring diagram from Toyota, attached.
Scroll to page 42!
Very impressive first posts!


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