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kdela's '82 2JZ NA W.I.P

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Hi all, another 2jz swap thread w.i.p. thread.
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This is my '82, I'm building it to be a street car but with a focus on response and handling more than power.

I've got a donor '01 IS300 and will be taking the vvti 2JZ and wiring harness, and using an ECUMaster EMU Black. I will also be using 1ZZ coil packs for this project. Below, I've taken a pic of 90% of the hardware to be used with this swap.
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Because there is a wealth of info on these threads, I will share what I have accumulated in hopes that when I'm stuck, I won't be defaulted to 'search the thread' for the questions I'm going to have with this swap. Hardware parts list with some OEM numbers include:

31111-22140 2JZ-W58 Bellhousing
31121-35020 Clutch Housing Cover x2
31126-22050 Clutch Boot (x1)
31204-22050 Clutch fork SC300 5 speed.
31236-14010 Fork Support for W58
13405-46040 Flywheel
EXEDY 16085 Clutch Kit for SC300
ARP Flywheel Bolts, Head Studs
XCessive Engine Mounts
NGK 48668 Coil Pack (1ZZ)
Radium Fuel Rail / Regulator / FPR Gauge
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I have since pulled out both engines and wiring harnesses, and have dryfit the 2JZ block into the Supra to do some measurements for a special piece for this build. The block is going to be pulled out and getting a top end refresh.

From here on, I will try to post detailed shots and processes whenever something gets assembled/mounted. Thanks for following along :)
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First post is related to wiring. I definitely need some assistance on this end. There is a plethora of 2JZ swaps that use both the 2JZ and the 5M's ECU. I'm trying to build this with a more modern mindset using a standalone. In this case, I've opted for an ECUMaster EMU Black with a PNP Harness made by them as well.

I've taken the IS300 ECU Box and lengthened the PNP harness to fit within this package:
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Now comes my first round of questions related to wiring, please bear with me. While most of it seems logical, I cannot decipher a few things.

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This is the end of the 2JZ's engine harness, plugs that are not directly wired into the ECU and were connected to the body harness. Aside from AC, do I need to retain any of these and/or splice them into the supra's body harness?

Next is:
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The most saturated yellow plug connects to the 5M's ECU. The other two plugs to the left of it connect to the engine harness of the 5M. The plug in my fingers was also connected to the engine harness (light blue wire on the engine harness side). Let's say I don't want to remove the dash and unwind the whole body harness. What do I need to do with these LOL.

If it isn't painfully obvious, wiring isn't my forte, and I'd like to retain as much of the factory components of the Supra as possible. Please assist :') Thankssss
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OEM Harness update.

I've de-pinned 4 out of 5 harness plugs to cater to the EMU Black PNP harness.
First picture is B1, B2, F59, F60.
It helps having visual diagrams of pinouts. I've also cross referenced ECUMaster's PNP harness diagram (not attached) to cater to my liking. Notably, I've deleted VSV stuff, the OEM ignition wiring, O2 sensor plugs, DBW/most of the ETCS (I want it purely driven by cable), and most of the wires tied into the MAF. I retained the B2-22 MAF wire out of that bundle and connected an IAT sensor, with the ground wire going directly into one of the EMU Black's sensor ground. I will also wire in a 4.9 Wideband O2 sensor eventually to replace all the o2 plugs.

B1 has a few knock sensor and cam/crank sensor shields along the bottom row that led to another harness plug, which I can only assume was leading to a chassis ground? If anyone can chime in whether these shields can be twisted together to create a single ground point, pls confirm that haha.

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Pictured next is plug B3. It's all related to the AT transmission, something I won't be using.
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I could simply de-pin all the wires and retain that plug for OCD's sake, but I'm writing this post right after I took this picture. I'll decide that later lol.

The next plan of attack for wiring will have to do with the supra's body harness. I found an image of someone's 82 pinout below, and will cross reference with the 82 TRSM provided by RedP85 above (thanks!), as well as other threads that have done the wiring related to fuel pump, MREL, ignition, water temp sensor to dash, oil press. to dash, and... idk what else lol. The pinout below looks a bit off, as MREL / pin 6 of 9 isnt supposed to be blue... so... updates when I get there.

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If anyone wants to simplify my life with the body harnesses in post #2's last pic, that would help tremendously. AFAIK, only the 9-Pin plug has things required for the ECU. I can still reference the TRSM, but I'm a visual learner hahah.
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