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stock they are not real fast....tho there is one that gave me a run for my money the other night...highly modded all you heard was the supercharger when he stepped on the gas...anywyas all I have to say is he pulled on me till my boost spiked (which I solved the pinging problem). thank god for the boost spike.....but anyways he did end up beating me because of that nice jump he got before I hit full boost.

real impressive car.....that doesn't happen to me very often around here..maybe one out of every 35 or 40 cars that want to race me actually give me any sort of run. normally if they beat me they just ride out on me. this was a weird situation.

either way neat car and very fast....I would like to race him again.

canadian_psyko said:
I was driving to my friend's house a couple nights ago, driving nicely, close to the speed limit. Some little VW(research indicates it was a corrado) goes flying by me. I'm curious, so I change lanes, end up behind him at the light. When it turns green, he takes off, chirps 1st and 2nd. The next light is red, so I pull into the lane beside him. I look over, he's young, cool, staring straight ahead. Light changes, I can't launch hard, my clutch doesn't like me much, 2k launch, instantly WOT. He's ahead by a bumper, due to a better start. Just before I get to the top of 1st, I hear a BOV. Shift nicely into second at 6k, got 1/2 a car length. By the top of 2nd, I've got about 2 car lengths on him. About half way through 3rd, I back off, 140(~87mph) is fast enough in the city. Make a left hand turn at the next lights to get to my freind's house, and of course, he goes flying past, still accelorating.
What kinda performance do those cars have? I didn't think I was goiung to have much of a chance against him after his little take off from the light, I was pretty impressed by my car.
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