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thursday night, i got stood up, so i decided to go for a drive, cause my car told me she still loved me :)

we had some fun with a couple ricers in DX civics, then i pulled into a mall parking lot for a phone call.
a nice clean early 80s nissan 300zx pulled up to the light, and i thought id have some fun... he would either be a turbo and destroy me, or hed be NA and ill kill him.

i pull up and its my friend chris in his 84 turbo, hes got some work done, and it pushes about 235 rwhp on a dynojet, so i knew i was going to get massacred, but we both rev a bit, and its on.
the light turns green and i launch hard at 5000ish, slip the clutch and take off with only a small squeak, while he lights the tires hard.
i hit second with a lil chirp, and then third before i see his lights getting real big real fast.
he blew past me like i was standing still, then when we hit the next lights he commented on a bad launch, but complimented me on a nice race, saying that if it was a block to block race, hed have lost badly. :)

later on in the evening, we were rolling down a big, empty 4 lane, and i challenged.
i caught him off boost and raped him in a bad way, getting a good half a length on every gear, as he only found boost at the top of the gear. :)

it ended when i shut down at about 140kph, and he gave me the win nod just as an orange vw beetle turbo ripped past us like we were in reverse.

all in all, a couple fun, and surprising races.

totally expected to get my ass handed to me tho, lol :)
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