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I noticed that there haven't been any kill stories posted in here recently. I hope posting in here isn't considered passé, but I thought I'd share my kill story.

My buddy and I were going to a car meet on a Friday night some months ago. I had my '82 Celica Supra, and he had his Honda Civic. The Honda was by no means a show car ($700 Craigslist special), he was going moreso to look at everybody else's cars. The thing burns as much oil (and coolant) as it does gasoline, be he still decided he wanted to try to race me.

As he drops it into second on the highway, a tremendous cloud of white smoke erupted from from his engine compartment (head gasket). This didn't stop him, and he continued pulling right along side my Supra until I hit forth, and I slowly slipped away from him. The only reason he was able to keep up with me at all was probably because those things are ridiculously light, and he had stripped out pretty much everything from the car to lighten it, whereas my Supra is completely stock weight-wise.

It was narrow and insignificant victory, but it still felt good after loosing to a V6 Chevy Blazer and a Crown Vic in the previous year. :duh:

Last weekend, he wanted a rematch. As a result, his 4 cylinder Civic is now a 3 cylinder Civic. :rolleyes:

There was also the time I smoked my cousin's '71 Datsun 240Z, but that pretty much doesn't count because his carburettors were so screwed up, and his seat came unbolted when he launched. :laugh:

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his seat came unbolted when he launched.


Something similar happened to me once at a huge autocross event my best friend and I went to. We'd entered our cars, with each of us driving the other's car as well as our own because we figured we'd get twice the runs, twice the time on the course, and it might better our chances.

Everything went well until the second time I drove his 64 Corvette. He had some unknown brand lightweight seats in it, with some homebrewed seat tracks. WELL......the seat adjuster didn't always latch properly, and when I hit the gas, the adjuster popped loose, and the seat went all the way to the rear of it's adjustment range, yanking my feet off the pedals, and my hands off the steering wheel.

I not only stalled the car, but lost several seconds finding the lever, and getting the seat back to where I could reach the pedals and steering wheel, and getting it started again.

Yep, that run was useless...........
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