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killed a mid 70's buick skylark S/R 350

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well i was at work and my co-worker was talking trash about my car and was telling me he could absolutely demolish my car in a race. so we decided to bet our tip-out money on it (which was $6).lol

so we went out to an old wide country road(no cars around) and went at it. i gave 3 honks and we both launched. i pulled right past him in 1st. and i just kept getting further away. i was about 50 cars lengths ahead when i shut down (top of 4th).

after we talked and he says "i need a faster car". then hes like "hey next supra u see for sale let me know" so i got my $6 and i converted this guy to supras :p
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DON'T knock the Caddy 500s! Believe it or not, with aluminum intake and some tube headers, they weigh LESS than a small block chevy! No kidding. And the good years (72 IIRC) came with 400 horse and 500 ft/lbs STOCK! The Cad 425, 472 and 500 are very stout engines.

Oh BTW Skylarks suck. Nice Kill!
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