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killed an RSX

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Monday heading home from work i had my self some lunch, a riced out RSX. AS i was waiting to turn left on an intersection (one of those with two left turning lanes) a black sticker'd out dropped tin can with body kit pulls up next to me. We where waiting to turn, light turns green and i let him pull since its on of them tricky turns. I begine pacesing him, i was on 3rd gear side by side when he hits it so i do too. I continue to pull, he then downshifts to no avail. We approche traffic so that was the end of that. He stayed well behind me for a good 3 miles. I think that RSX was the base model not the RSX S-type.

Yes a know my grammar is $hity
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nice kill... :)

rsxs seem to have this misconception that theyre fast, cant remember what a type s runs, but im pretty sure its in the 16s anyways, lmao.

i dunno, i just keep thinking how fast/nice i could make a supra if i spent 30k on it, versus buying a new car.
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