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killed an RSX

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Monday heading home from work i had my self some lunch, a riced out RSX. AS i was waiting to turn left on an intersection (one of those with two left turning lanes) a black sticker'd out dropped tin can with body kit pulls up next to me. We where waiting to turn, light turns green and i let him pull since its on of them tricky turns. I begine pacesing him, i was on 3rd gear side by side when he hits it so i do too. I continue to pull, he then downshifts to no avail. We approche traffic so that was the end of that. He stayed well behind me for a good 3 miles. I think that RSX was the base model not the RSX S-type.

Yes a know my grammar is $hity
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WHats so great about an RSX? Even Ive beaten an RSX-S. :p and yes it was a race, he had the tires spinning like crazy.......and this was on the way to the drag strip! (was closed when we got there) I wasn't too impressed with the car. Sure they may look kinda cool, and sound neat under underpasses and in tunnels with V-Tec, but, if I was gonna pay that kind of would have to be on a Supra! No doubt in my mind. By the way, I let a friend ride in my green Supra, he loved it so much, he bought my old white one! I told him he didn't really want to ride in it, especially on curvy roads with me driving! I'm sure gonna miss that car..... :cry: But, I got enough money to get me some eibach springs, not just ordering them...............
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