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killed an RSX

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Monday heading home from work i had my self some lunch, a riced out RSX. AS i was waiting to turn left on an intersection (one of those with two left turning lanes) a black sticker'd out dropped tin can with body kit pulls up next to me. We where waiting to turn, light turns green and i let him pull since its on of them tricky turns. I begine pacesing him, i was on 3rd gear side by side when he hits it so i do too. I continue to pull, he then downshifts to no avail. We approche traffic so that was the end of that. He stayed well behind me for a good 3 miles. I think that RSX was the base model not the RSX S-type.

Yes a know my grammar is $hity
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Malloy said:
The RSX typeS with a chip dynoes 190 to the wheels...look out they are quick.
yah, at 7000 RPM, we have the torque they don't. If it wasn't for the cam shift the car would be as useless as the S2000 without the shift.
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