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killed by a geo but not how you think

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ok here it is: i had just purchased my 86 supra and had it for about 3 weeks i had cleaned the engine compartment and replaced a fuel dampner, silicon vacume lines and cleaned out the trottle body. Then i moved on to cleaning and waxing the body. this car has original paint and was in great condition. So here is where the real story starts: two of my friends and i pull up to our school and just as we were leaving i hear a loud crash and see this piece of shit geo slammed into my rear side panel the one just behind my door and now the door dosent open and my original paint is screwed. He wasent even looking as he pulled out and just floored it. the dent is about 2 and a half inch deep and about 1and a half foot wide. very little to nothing happed to his car THis kid dosent have insurance and has to pay me almost 2 grand from his pocket. The thing is he was gitting mad at me because i took it to a good body shop and dosent want to pay the larger amout it will take to get a quality job; in addition i wont have a car for almost a month due to the body shops busy schedule needless to say i am pissed :mad:
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That sucks. And I hope he learned his lesson about driving without insurance. Also, I don't think he has any right to be mad at you for going to a good body shop. I'm sure he'd want his Geo to go... er, um, well, if he had a Supra, I'm sure he'd want it to go to a good body shop too!
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