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i was coming home from work last night at about 1 in the morning when i saw a car ahead of me burn out onto the road and leave a nice cloud of tire smoke behind
i thought to myself "hey why not its late theres no one out here" so i gunned it to catch up to him
he saw me coming and gassed it as well
so i followed him for a while and we just bot progessively faster
we hit about 100 before he slowed down to take a left
when i got next to him about to pass him on the right i reved my car to mess with him
by doing this ignited a flame
he got back into the lane and started to flash me down
i slowed down to about 20 or so shoved it in first and waited for him
he got next to me i honked and we took off
i kept up with him for a little while then by the time i switched into third he had three car lengths on me
i pulled up next to him and this time starting a little faster we did it again
same results
though it had a boost leak my stock 5m didnt stand a chance against his amazing top end powered by boost
we pulled off to the side of the road and started talking
i gave him my number and told him to call me one night and we would make a trip up to the local strip and see how my new 6m does (in the works of getting more info bout that later)aainst him in the 1/4 mile
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