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Emohawk said:
This is kinda lame, it could have been a Taurus for all I know.
Anyway, this guy was tailing me on a dark (long, straight, flat) country road. I'm only going slightly faster then I should be, so after a stop sign I decide to leave him behind (lots more straight after this). I left him pretty far back at the sign, but at about 90kmh he's on my tail again. At 100-110 he pulls out to pass me, so I push a little harder. Still pulling up, push harder, etc etc. My friend tells me we got up to 132 before he dropped back and turned off. I probably would have seen what it was otherwise.
Like I said, lame story without knowing what the other car was, but it was really really dark. :p :oops:
(Locals: Keith Wilson, before the tracks)
Kill? or traffic hazard?
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