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I contacted Kinesis Motorsport about a couple of their rims....Well, DAMN expensive. I asked first about the K58 R which is a 17" with a reverse drop center, they don't support the 17's anymore so they quoted me a price on the K59R. The K59R is an 18" and in 18x8 +10mm offset is $1208 each while an 18x9 with 0mm offset comes out to $1223 each. :shock:

The K59R:

Then I asked about the K5, which is a 17 in the same style without the reverse drop center.....same specs as above 17x8 is $872 each while 17x9 is $882 each. :shock:

The K5:

Hooray compomotive for good prices! :)

Nice rims though, and light, 18x10 K5 weighs about 24 lbs, IIRC.

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