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l-type fittings

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I got a 82 l-type (yeah those ugly toyota minivan wheels). it seems that most of the wheel tire setups are geared toward p-type so I am a lil off balance. of course im going to be getting some new rims. i wanna know as far as wheel well what is the maximum size rim/tire combo i could get to fit and what offset i should be lookin for. Im kinda thinkin 17x8 at some point but also thinkin p-type rims A LIL INPUT PLEASE....THANX
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Here's my experience on what works on L-types. These are all tire/rim combos that I've personally seen on L-type Mk2 Supras.

On my white 83 L-type, which is lowered with Eibach/Tokico setup...
P-type rims fit fine with 225/60R14's on rear and 215/60R14's on front. No rubbing issues.
Aftermarket 15x7 rims with +20 mm offset fit fine with 225/50R15's at all 4 corners. No rubbing, and the fronts sit nicely inside the fender lips. Rears would look nicer with about a 1/2 inch spacer to bring them out and fill up the rear fenders a little bit more.

On a friend's 84 L-type, also lowered...
P-type rims with 235/60R14's work fine on the rear. They rubbed badly on the front outer fender lips on bumps so he got 215/60R14's for the front. No more rubbing.

On another friend's 82 L-type, not lowered...
P-type rims with 245/50R14's fit fine on all 4 corners. Fronts stick out a bit past the fender lips, but they never rub on his car, probably due to the overall tire diameter being about 1 inch less than a 225/60R14 would be.

Hope that helps.
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i have P-type rims with 225/60's all around, and i get rubbing on the front a little too much. not really recommended. if 215's work, as it seems, do that.
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