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L-Type/P-Type engine differences

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I saw something confusing over at supra forums and thought I'd ask about it here, because maybe Chris Eng will answer it :wink: .

84: In 1984 it gets tricky, all automatic and L-type supras came rated with a 150 h.p. and all 5-speed p-types had 160 h.p. Now this was the first year where the front turn signals were wrapped around. It also got a new steering wheel, cruise control was moved to a stalk on the steering column, and a more aggressive front air dam was installed. Now the gear ratios changed as well. 5-speeds got 4.30 gears while automatics recieved 4.10 gears. Also the mk2 recieved a hatch sticker that went all the way acroos it that said "SUPRA"
I've got an '84 P-Type with the 4spd auto, does this mean I have the 150hp engine? That's what Toyota4555 says, but I've never heard of this engine differece before. Has anyone got more information on this? Would it be worth my time changing whatever's different between the engines for the 10hp gain?

Problem 2: My hatch sticker is just a small thing in corner, not the big "SUPRA" across the whole thing. When I bought the car the dealer mentioned some minor accidents, so the hatch might have been replaced.

(Did a search and nothing like this came up, so I hope I'm not making a repeat thread)
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Well..... You just threw me for a slight minor loop here.

Hatch sticker: Can anyone in Canada CONFIRM that the Canadian 84's either had the small "Celica Supra" sticker on the right, or the large billboard sticker instead??? I thought it was indeed the billboard sticker.

84 Engine's: The information that was listed there was correct!!! IN THE US, ALL 84 L-Type's, and the 84 P-Type Automatic's had the 83 150hp motor. Only the 5-speed P-Type's had the 160 hp motor.

HOWEVER!!!!!!! This information is also based on what the 84 US Sales Brochure is is telling me in the back, where the spec chart is...

DOES ANYONE have a 1984 Canadian MKII Sales Brochure handy & can look up the engine spec's in the back??? I only have a 82 Canadian Brochure & Dale up in Vancouver has a 83 Canadian Brochure.. Don't know of anyone who has a 84 + 85 Canadian Brochure & I've yet to see a 84 Canadian Brochure on EBay yet.

Help............. :oops:
You the man, man :thumbup:

I'm pretty sure the accidents the dealer mentioned were to do with the front of the car, as the bumper is kind of bent and the paint is flakey.
My VIN conferms the car is an '84, but I haven't remembered to get the firewall code yet so I guess it could be american.
It's possible that it could be American...

Several hints here could tell me otherwise...

Since you have a P-Type (aka the Canadian GTS), does it have a Digital Dash??? (Canadian feature only, the US cars did not get the Digital Dash on the P-Type's).

If not & it's the Analog dash, which numbers on the speedo are the most predominant??? MPH or KMH?? If it is kilometers, then you have the Metric dash, which would probably indicate it's Canadian.

But yeah, if you can, check the model code & tell me what the last letter is at the end of the model code. It's either a "A" or a "K"...

So grab that flashlight, walk outside (it's only 10:30 PM) & LMK what the model code says.... :D :D :D :D (heh, just kidding, look it up whenever).. :lol:
my 84 5-speed P-type Canadian Spec had the big supra sticker... i have no idea how much power it had though.
Toyota4555, eh? That would be Joe Morales, former owner of a somewhat rare SDR '85 l-type, and currently owns a Turbo MK3. Did he post recently? Last I heard he was living in the Orlando area. Everyone once in a while we get a new member hear that reminds me of Joe. I am sure a few of you know what I mean :lol:
Didn't know the digi dash was CDN only, cool.
Anyway, that's what I've got and if there's still any doubt the firewall code says it's Kanadian :lol:
Here's the code if anything else in there might be helpfull/confusing:
Chad!!!! You're favorite buddy!!!!

Occasionally, I'll hear from Joe when he post's on the SupraForums (when I'm lurking in there). Ever since he bought that MKIII, he's had all kinds of problems w/ that car, 1 of which included a spun bearing.... AND... he finally discovered how much of a headache the 7M BHG problem can be!!! Last I heard, he was looking to sell it... It's FINALLY dawned on him that his MKIII has become a MoneyPit..... And how many times did we try to explain this to him???? (when he was still on the Yahoo list & 17 yrs old??).... :oops:

Was curious as to what the 2-Tone Light Blue/Dark Blue paint was (2P3)

YS84 is the 84 P-Type Blue Cloth interior.

Hrmmm.... Anyone quickly want to tell me what the F293 diff code translates to???

Yep, the "K" on the end of the model code indicates it's a Canadian spec MKII.

And I'm still not sure what motor you have... :p Hopefully SOMEONE here will have a 84 Canadian Sales Brochure!!!
F: 7.5"
29: 4.10 gear ratio
3: 2 pinions/ with LSD
Just looked it up myself, I have no clue what any of that means though. :oops:

Why is YS84 discribed as "84 Performance" on the decoder page?
Chris, I have the '85 sales brochure. I'll scan it and email it out to you.

Where did u get that diff info, im trying 2 figure out what ratio mine is
F282 on an XX

It means you have the Performance style seats, versus the "low-back" seats that come on the L-Type's.
Right here:
There's a sticky thread on it in 'General tech questions'
Here's your stats: (think this still applies to XX's)
Rear gear diameter: 7.5"
Final drive ratio: 4.30
Pinions/LSD: 2 pinions/ no LSD

Also, thanks again CJ, I aspire to your level of expertise.
Hmmm, 84 is the first year of wrap arounds? My 83 parts car has wrap arounds, also the reverse light on the inside edge, not center. Small logo, not "banner", no spoilers, and digidash. L-Type rims, Ltype seats, Automatic. Weird.
Over here some ov our XXs have wrap arrounds from 83 and most have digital dashes but all have the center reverse light.
I realize theres a whole other can of worms going on here, but back to my original question. What is the actual difference between L and P-Type engines and would it be worth the time/effort to upgrade for the extra 10hp?
I would say your better off buying some DT headers, RC intake and 2.5" piping intead. just my way of thinking :?
i agree, those will give you the performance gain your looking for
I finally found out what the difference is, in case anyone besides me didn't know:
Which tranny???

I now have confirmation that the Canadian 84 motors are setup the same way as the US motors.. So.....

If you have a 5-speed, then you have the 160 hp motor, which should be the 9.2 compression motor.

If you have a Automatic, then you have the 150hp motor, which should be the 8.8 compression motor.

Now if your motor has been swapped in the past, or if you have gone 6M, then things will be slightly different (well, we know that 6M's are 9.2 compression).
This is from Opron's 5mGTE thread in the 5/6/7mgte disscussion area.
Thanks Chris!
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