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L-Type vs P-Type

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I had a question. I was reading on SupraForums that 82 Ltypes had NO fender flare, 14x5.5 wheels, and 85mph speedo. I have an 82, according to the VIN it is an L Type, BUT it has flares, 14x7, and 130mph speedo (analog dash). The original hatch and bumper were black, car was white. Has red cloth interior, and front windshield antenna. Am I confused or what? I thought it was an L, but maybe it is a P and the vin is wrong??? Is there anywhere else it will say the type?

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The "L" in the vin stands for Liftback. Though it sounds like someone has changed the guages or maybe the drivers door all 82's & 83's no matter what style has 85 mph speedos. Do all the vin #'s match (door/dash/firewall)?

According to the celicasupra site the L in MA61L stands for left hand drive.

Are the flares you have large or small? The easiest way to tell an L type is the L-types have smaller fender flares, not NO flare at all, they are just smaller. So if your car has larger fender flares that seem to be another piece then most likely it's a P-type. If they look like they are part of the panel and just flare out, then it's an L-type. I'd post pics of mine but I need to put my pics up somewhere.

The stock L-type rims are 5.5x14's, but like me maybe the person who had it before you put the P-type rims on cause they are a much larger 7x14 and look better.
I didn't like the small L-type rims so I found some P-type rims from a car some guy was parting out and put them on instead.

Not sure on the 130mph speedo thing. I have an L-type and mine has an 130mph analog speedo. The guy I bought the car from didn't do anything at all to this car so I doubt he would have changed the speedo only and nothing else.
Also my L-type has leather seats and power everything.
Has a black hatch and bumpers too. Has a two tone bronze/maroon(?) paint job but did not come with a spoiler/shade thingy. Had mounts for louvers though.
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According to the celicasupra site the L in MA61L stands for left hand drive.
Yeah well I'm pretty sure its wrong. Anyone from downunder or europe wanna prove me wrong? I have yet to see proof of this.
Weird. Considering the guy I got the car from, and its otherwise stock condition, Im sure he didnt swap the guage cluster. The flares DEFINITELY look like a seperate piece, not integrated with the bumper. As for the numbers matching, Ill have to check tomorrow once it is light out :) So from what I understand, the VIN doesnt indicate its L or P status? Other than what I mentioned, what things would dicatate this? As far as I know, all 82's (L or P) had the non-wrap around front turn signals (as mine has not wrap arounds) AND the black hatch and bumper regardless of color (which mine also was). So I have determined, I definitely have an 82... This I knew? Also, the flares have a bulge where the body trim goes into it. On a previous post, I read that on some mk2's you couldnt take the trim off because of this. Like I said before, considering the previous owner, I doubt he did all this work to change parts from two different types. It was 100% stock when I got it. Since all L's have the 85 speedo, and mine STOCK is the 130 I MUST have a P? Im more confused now than I was before.....

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VIN won't tell you if you have L vs P type. MA61L, the L indicates left hand drive.

Fibreglass fender flares = P-type. Does a magnet stick to them?
Drivers seat with little bulb to inflate lumbar support = P-type.

All 82's had 85 MPH speedo, regardless of L- or P-type.

Sometime in 83 (in Canada anyway) all Supras (L and P) got the 120 MPH speedo.

Check the build date on the plate on the end of the drivers door.
Just to clarify this, the VIN doesn't show left/right hand drive. The L in the VIN is for Liftback (my right hand drive VIN is JT1LBMA6100069884)
The 5th character in the model code shows left/right hand drive (eg MA61R-BLMQFW for right hand drive)

Check out here for analysis of the model codes

MK2Racer - are you sure your car is US spec? This L & P type thing doesn't apply in all countries.
If your fender flares are larger and look like seperate peices I'm guessing you most likely have a P-type.
What gives you the idea you have an L-type in the first place?
Ummm actually the L in the vin code is what made me think it is an L type. I read somewhere (or so I thought) the L was for L - Type. This was obviously wrong, or I remember incorrectly. Hmm. time to update my sig. :)
The VIN is jt2ma67L5C004477
It was manufactured in July of 1982
I dont know about the all 82's having 85mph speedo thing, Im almost 100% positive it is the orig. dash and it is an analog 130mph, everything else is right for the 82. I just dont get it. As far as Im aware, it is US spec. The underhood emissions sticker says a bunch of stuff about US emissions. Also, I thought I read the correct timing was 10 before TDC where my sticker says 8 before TDC? It is a 5mge, im sure of that. I might have to rename my car to frankie :)


Can you please send us your "model code" that is located on the firewall dataplate tag??? It will say something like "MA61L-BLMQEA", or something similiar. I'm mostly interested in the VERY LAST letter on the end. If it is a "A" then it is indeed a US spec car. If it is a "K" then it's a Canadian Spec car.

To properly translate your VIN#, you need to go here:

To properly translate your model code info, you need to go here, as suprasrock mentioned.

This much I do know at this point, since it has been discussed on the Yahoo list in the past.

Your July 1982 production date, indicates that you are near the end of the 82 production year & it's close to being one of the last ones made. There are still "some" that were made in the month of August, which tends to be the transition month for MKII's, as to when they roll over into the next model year.

It has been VERY WELL DOCUMENTED ON THE YAHOO LIST that the 130mph speedometer analog cluster was introduced for the 1984 model year, however, we did have one 83 P-Type (in East Texas) that was made in August 1984 (the VIN# did confirm that it was still a 83 car) that had the 130mph speedometer in it. The 130mph speedo was still NOT available for the 1982 or early early 1983 model year.

So depending on what the model code is telling us as to the car's "country destination", one of 2 things happened to your July 1982 dash cluster.

1. If it is INDEED a US spec car, someone DID swap in a 130mph speedometer into your dashboard. This IS a somewhat common cluster upgrade for those who want to get rid of their 85mph speedo. One of the main reasons for this, is because if you are CONSTANTLY PEGGING the 85 mph speedo all the time, then eventually it kills the speedometer sensor in the back of the cluster. When that happens, then your Cruise Control stops working.

2. If it is INDEED a Canadian spec car, then someone either did it to get rid of the 85 mph speedo, "OR" they wanted to get rid of the metric cluster that only goes up to 140 kmph (my "understanding" is that the early Canadian analog dash's were not metric??).

Let us know what the model code says on the firewall dataplate & get back to us.

BTW, it has ALSO been confirmed on the Yahoo list that NEITHER the VIN# or the model code will tell you if your car is a P-Type, or a L-Type. It will just depends on the interior code & the outside appearance.

To end this once arguement once & for all, can you post a picture somewhere??? :shock:
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The guage clusters for early canadain cars were metric.

a friend has a 82 L-type, and I have a couple 81's ;)
Every 82 ive seen had the 140kmh (85mph) analog dash. I have had 2 83's however, both with the 210kmh dash (swapped one into my 82). Its an easy swap, and sure sounds like its been done on your car.
L type

i own an 1982 L type. it has the leather seats w/ lumbar support,
85mph DIGITAL speedo. it ALSO has the fiberglass fender flares and is all one color, metallic silver. Since I am only the third owner of the car I know it is the original paint job and body style. It is the 5gme 4 speed auto. i hate the darn 85pph speedo and plan on swapping it with a digital 130mph speedo when I can find one!
I think that the fender flares were an option for the L type, there isn't really any other explanation for some of the Ltype to have the fender flare swhen some don't. Brian
Not possible,

The fender flares were NOT A OPTION!!!!! You either have the flares (P-Type), or not (L-Type).

Only other possibility, is that someone installed the P-Type flares onto a L-Type. PITA to do since the fender lips are different, but if someone wants flares on their L-Type, they will find a way.

BTW, I have BOTH the US Spec & the Canadian Spec 1982 Sales Brochures & it does not mention that the flares are a option...

As I've mentioned before, the only "closest" way that we can determine if your MKII is a P-Type, or a L-Type, is to look & see what kind of interior set up the car originally had from the factory. So...... What does your interior code say on the firewall dataplate????
Only other possibility, is that someone installed the P-Type flares onto a L-Type. PITA to do since the fender lips are different, but if someone wants flares on their L-Type, they will find a way.
not to mention the front bumper plastic thing was made to blend with the flares in flared cars.

look at these pics, you'll know what I mean
L type or P type

Ok, here's my info:

June 1982 build date:

Model # MA61L-BLPQFA

As I read it the B-A means thus,

P=4speed auto
Q=high grade lux. or performance
F=twincam, efi
A=usa spec.

The car itself has:
L type manual(although it says 1983 year)
non wrap around front lights
4 speed auto (P types with auto?)
full leather interior w/lumbar support
automatic air cond.
power everything w/l/ps/sunroof etc.
Fiberglass large flares
is all one color, silver including bumper
front windsh. antena
85mph speedo
no spoiler/louver
front bumper molds into wheel flares
So is this an Ltype or Ptype? I'll email you a pic if you want
RobMK2. Plus it'll suck if i have a ptype, I'll have to change my Forum Name ;-) Brian[/img]
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wow, it is in fact an oddity...
especially because its all one color and original paint
there are signs pointing to both...

but yeah, send me a pic would love to see it even if I can't figure out the puzzle.
Send me pictures also.

[email protected]

Also, look at the bottom of the firewall dataplate & read off the codes that are at the BOTTOM of the plate. I'm mostly interested in the first 2 codes, which is the paint code, & the interior code. I'm not as interested in the last 2 codes (the rear diff & the tranny code).

For awhile (after I sent the last post), I also thought that this may have been a Canadian spec car as well, since the Canadian GTS's (the Canadian P-Type) also had the digital dash as a option, but the "A" at the end of the model code indicates otherwise (Canadian cars would have a "K" at the end).

Yeah, I agree, this is getting interesting.... The June 82 build date definitely indicates that it's still a 82 model.

Okay....... Was just looking at your last description again & you said that the bumpers are painted the body color also???? Sounds like a repaint... Send me pics of both ends & the interior as well.
More codes

Ok, I still don' think that the metallic silver paint I have is a repaint. I looked through all the paperwork I got with the car. Didn't see any documentation about a paint job.Unfortuately I couldn't find the paint codes to find out the original paint color. But here are the codes:
C/Tm/A/Tm 25SLP21F292A43DL

Ok, what the heck does all this mean? let me know ;-)

ps. Couldn't take pictures today, raining :-( Will do ASAP. I want to figure this out!!
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