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L-Type vs P-Type

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I had a question. I was reading on SupraForums that 82 Ltypes had NO fender flare, 14x5.5 wheels, and 85mph speedo. I have an 82, according to the VIN it is an L Type, BUT it has flares, 14x7, and 130mph speedo (analog dash). The original hatch and bumper were black, car was white. Has red cloth interior, and front windshield antenna. Am I confused or what? I thought it was an L, but maybe it is a P and the vin is wrong??? Is there anywhere else it will say the type?

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Re: L type or P type

82Ltype said:
Ok, here's my info:
... Model # MA61L-BLPQFA

As I read it the B-A means thus,

P=4 speed auto
Q=high grade lux. or performance
F=twincam, efi
A=usa spec.

Means MA61R - Supra in Right Hand Drive Format
P=4speed auto
Q=high grade lux. or performance
E=SOHC, efi
Q=Australian Spec.

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