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L-Type vs P-Type

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I had a question. I was reading on SupraForums that 82 Ltypes had NO fender flare, 14x5.5 wheels, and 85mph speedo. I have an 82, according to the VIN it is an L Type, BUT it has flares, 14x7, and 130mph speedo (analog dash). The original hatch and bumper were black, car was white. Has red cloth interior, and front windshield antenna. Am I confused or what? I thought it was an L, but maybe it is a P and the vin is wrong??? Is there anywhere else it will say the type?

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i was wondering what anyone could tell me about the specs of my car the last set of codes are.
- 3D1 YS4 F283 W58

Also i would like to kno where you can find the production date.
sorry i was not as specific... i would like to kno the paint scheme/ color and what the interior is/was
sorry bout is YS24...what is the color differences between super red and super deep red? also kind of a bummer...i got an 83...i always thought it was an 84
its odd that my car is an 83 because i have the flip up door handles and the wrap around turn signals....i checked on the door and it says november of 83...also the back up lights are set to the inside of the liscence plate and i also have supra going all the way across also i have the defroster, cruise control are all around the gauges on the little shield for the speedo and what not...
ohh yea...that is all makes sense now...thanks for that info...i still wish my car said 84...i been tellin everyone that asks it was an i jus feel like a liar for some reason
yea..but that number on the door panel jus stands out soo much...hahah...jus bugs me for some reason...hahah
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