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L-Type vs P-Type

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I had a question. I was reading on SupraForums that 82 Ltypes had NO fender flare, 14x5.5 wheels, and 85mph speedo. I have an 82, according to the VIN it is an L Type, BUT it has flares, 14x7, and 130mph speedo (analog dash). The original hatch and bumper were black, car was white. Has red cloth interior, and front windshield antenna. Am I confused or what? I thought it was an L, but maybe it is a P and the vin is wrong??? Is there anywhere else it will say the type?

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yea..but that number on the door panel jus stands out soo much...hahah...jus bugs me for some reason...hahah
Oh boy.... More confusion....... :p

MK2Racer.... You have a White 82 P-Type???? I believe the White P-Type's had the Terra Cotta interiors, or possibly Black. Send me a picture of your interior. What's your interior code????

Supraa_luva.... Is that your Rose Gray/Mahogany L-Type in your avatar??? This should ALSO be a Terra Cotta interior as well!!! (Kris Kanten in Colorado also has a RG/M L-Type & he does have a Terra Cotta leather interior). Send me a picture... What's your interior code???

Remember folks, let's not try to get Burgandy or Maroon mixed up w/ Terra Cotta on the earlier model MKII's!!!!! This CAN get very confusing!!!

Bonerdude: TRUST US!!!! Your MKII is indeed a 84!!!! My 85 Redpra has a November 84 production date, but I know for sure that it's in the 85 model year I don't consider my car to be a 84. Josh Rapier's Silver 85 6M has a August 84 production date, but we know for sure that it's still a 85!!!!!
what the heck is terra cotta??? LOL
I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow sometime. Most of the interior colour (seats, dash, door panels...) is like that of the lower half of my car, a dark maroonish/burgandy/browny colour, not sure what the heck terra cotta is, lol.
oh, code is 2K7 LF31

(ugh, and want to get me pissed of mention the spot on my near FLAWLESS dash, stupid cousin decides to test the cigarette lighter right in the center of it!!!) :mad: AND OMG!!! just yesterday while playing street hockey my stupid friend decides "Gee, what happens if I slapshot the puck into the side of ed's car!" DENT~*"S :mad:
Hey Chris

My '83 is Rose Gray/Mahogany and the interior is FV1. Decode that :lol:
Oh jeez....

FV1??? Well.... Something is STILL off, because the interior codes are usually 4 digits... Still missing 1 number at the end... :D

2K7 is definitely the 2-Tone Rose Gray/Mahogany.

LF31... Still trying to decode that one.... I'm betting it's the Terra Cotta Leather L-Type seats... Pictures of the seats & dashboard & steering wheel will confirm for sure.

Terra Cotta is more or less basically the color of those "orangey" clay planting pots... And no, I'm not kidding....... The color name "Terra Cotta" is in the 82 & 83 US Spec Sales Brochures... :shock: Why Toyota chose this color, is beyond me..... Personally, the Terra Cotta exterior paint looks great when it's taken care of (like Sidman's MKII), but when it goes to hell & is oxidized, it looks like rust. Same for the TC Cloth interiors, they look great when they are dark & new, but when they have that faded look...... :p :oops:

the full code is 2K 7FV1F303W57
and the interior is black cloth

Leather was never an option here, the only seats were these

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My 1983 Terra Cotta Supra with cloth interior reads:

MA61L-BLPQFK 3A7 FX31 F293 A43DE

colour code=3A7
trim code=FX31

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Thanks Graham!!!!! You've just introduced me to the world of "Non US-Spec interior codes that are in RHD MKII's". That explains why the interior code looked a little bit odd.... :shock: :shock: This is the first time I've seen a 3 digit interior code... Learned something new again!!!! Black P-Type seats in a RHD MKII will have a different interior code.... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

And for those of you who have never seen a RHD steering wheel, this IS what it looks like!!!! Almost looks like a Cressida LHD wheel & is obviously different than what was available in North America (well, at least we got the leather rim covering). :D

Supraa_luva: At this point (thanks to Doug's pictures & his codes), I'm now 100% sure that your RG/M 83 L-Type has the Code LF31 Terra Cotta L-Type Leather seats.

Ken... Does your "Event Horizon"s interior look like this???? :D At least the dash & the steering wheel????
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yeah, after seeing Dougs interior it must be terra cotta cause mine looks like that (dash, arm rests, seat belt) aside from the cloth stuff and orangy look, although that might be because you can see the paint from his car that it's bringing out more of an orange tone in the interior.

I like the leather look though a bit more, gives it a nice dark tone inside, just my front seats are badly worn :(, backseat is fine though.

Also what's the RHD steering wheel and this leather skin you are talking about on the steering wheel? is mine missing something then? :(
[edit] oh nm about that. I just saw what you meant by his steering wheel, was looking at the other "terra cotta". *tries to get used to saying that*

Hope these pics show up, first time trying to use imagestation. These pics are taken with a REALLY cheap (well free) earthlink camera I got like 2 years ago or something.

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:D :D

Yep, you're missing the Leather rim covering on your steering wheel. If you look @ Doug's picture carefully, you can just barely see it.

Yes, the RHD wheel I was referring to, was Graham's picture.
DOH! no wonder my steering wheel has always felt thinner than I'd like. Just going to have to add that to the Things I'm looking for.
Thanks alot for all the info CJSREDPRA, good to know things like the exact name of the interior and things missing.
Well.... Now for the hard part....

Don't know of anyone who sells a leather wheel cover that will match up w/ the color of the Terra Cotta steering wheel. Not sure if Wheelskinz has anything close to it.

I know American Stitches does not. I need to send them a color sample one of these days.
I think theres a tera cotta leather wheel in a low milage supra at a local wrecker here, I can check next time I"m there
that'd be awesome Suprafiend. If you do happen to check it out let me know for sure.
how about the front seats and the center console cover and the rear carpet and the roll cover thingy inside the hatch area? :D

It's hard enough to find a supra at a junkyard anywhere around here let alone one with the same interior. I've actually NEVER seen a supra with the same exterior paint as mine, well till I saw Grahams in his sig when he pointed it out to me.
Actually the car that has the wheel has a complete perfect perfect cloth terra cotta interior. Only 160,000kms on it. Last I looked, which was recently, it had pretty much everything still. I tried to find a buyer for the whole thing when the car first showed up on the lot but no one seems to want a terra cotta interior all that much. I know can get the whole thing for $350 Canadain as thats what I've got them from there before in the past (for Leslie Grover). Make sure your interior is terra cotta though, and not maroon. And like I said, it has cloth seats so you may not want them (though they are in perfect shape). Theres also another terra cotta there too with a cloth interior almost as nice so I won't have a problem getting whatever you need.
ok, I'm not entirely sure that Supraa_Luvas car has a terra cotta interior. I don't recal ever seeing or hearing about a leather terra cotta interior before, and from the pics it really looks like the burgandy leather interior to me. Chris, can you confirm this from his codes somehow?
I'm pretty sure it is after hearing all this and seeing Dougs pictures that mines leather terracotta. His is FX31, mines LF31, his being cloth and mine being leather, same number so I'm assuming that is colour and the others are for seats and leather.

My steering wheel, dash, arm rests, seatbelt, carpet, side trim are all exactly the same colour as his (his pic is good quality, mine were taken with a free earthlink camera so the colour is just a little off which sucks :() The difference is his seats and the side panels with the stripes look alot different as mine are leather and much darker coloured.
hmmm, maybe they used the same leather for the terra cottas as for the burgandy interiors. The carpet on your doors looks terra cotta. Interesting. If you do get in on the leather skin group buy be sure to send me a sample so I can confirm that.

He does indeed have a TC interior. Only difference is that his is the Leather L-Type seats, while you're thinking of the Cloth P-Type seats. The leather L-Types tend to have a rather "almost brown" color to them, while the Cloth tends to go towards orange. And yes, his interior code does confirm this, the "31" in the code is the big key. The 1st 2 digits are for the style & material.

So yes for the most part he does still have the same color interior. Now on the other hand, if Supraa_luva wants to convert to a TC cloth P-Type interior and swap out the seats & the door & side panels.... If you don't mind the stripes... :D
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