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Lesson learned: Don't park under trees!

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I got a call from pops the other day. It appears that a tree fell on my truck where I left it......anyways here's some pics. I'm going to find out tomorrow if I will be getting any homeowners insurance on it. Time for a new cab, that does not sound like a fun project.

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HOLY CRAP. The truck got its shit ruined. That sucks man, you should be able to get homeowners insurance on it, and if not, slap somebody until you get it!

Ouch! Sorry Sam... that is a little worse then I thought it would be. You got the heater core back in the Mk I yet, or you still driving the "other" :roll: car?
The "other" car is now sitting for sale in town, and I am glad to be not driving it. Cause it has NO sack! I'm driving my car around, with no dash, no heater, no stereo, no nothing! I'll be putting it back together tomorrow, hopefully.
It dont look that bad but it still sucks. At work i park my sup away from trees since they are oaks (protected under law) so they are prowne to fall.
P.S i love your licence plate.
sorry to see that man, sucky deal
hopefully its covered under insurance, i think it should be.

and here i was, thinking you had some massive sap droppings on your fresh paint or something ;) :p
Sorry to see the loss. :(
ha ha, thanks guys. well, the good news is....... it's basically just an offroad toy, and wasn't too pretty to begin with. so i'm going to take some "body tools" (aka a sledge hammer, bottle jack, etc), and "fix" it enough to get a windshield in there, seal the crap out of it with some black goo, and then wheel the piss out of like, like i've been doing. and in the process, hopefully taking my insurance money, and putting a chevy 350 in it (i know that's sort of sacrilege on this board.... but I need low end torque!)
HCogeHC said:
P.S i love your licence plate.
Thanks, mad ms paint skills at work!
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