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lets talk numbers

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ok guys i have a stock mkII i love the car but i was wandering what i should run in the 1/4 cuz friday night i ran my car just to see what it would and i ran a [email protected] i think i can do better i was just starting at four grand and popping the clutch i wasnt playing with it or anything i ran four times and i got around the same times each run the only thing i have done is an open element air filter well could you tell me what you guys think and tell me what you run so i can compare it also i would like to know what a 6m usually runs as with a 6mgte cuz those are my plans for my car thanx
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Sounds like your car is way down on power looking at that trap speed. That is really slow. My 84 Celica's trap speed was 78, the Supra traps at 85. I don't know what your 60' time was but you may be able to get a better E.T. by lowering your launch speed. I usually go around 3000, the track here dosent hook up very well with street tires, I can actually get a better launch on the street than I can get at the track. Anyway your 60' time should be around a 2.4 or lower, every .1 you take off that will equal about .3 off your E.T. But its not really going to change your trap speed, that is mostly affected by horsepower.
my best 60 was at 2.42 which isnt too good but i was talking to all motor ealier and he told me that the problem was is that i have bosch platinum fours which kill the top end and that i shoiuld go with toyota ignition instead of autozone so im gonna try that then see what happens
Well, stock you should be running ~16.8 in the 85 to 87 mph area...
well like i said all motor said that i should try oem plugs and and rotor and cap well i getr paid thursday so im going to make a trip to toyota and get some plugs cuz currently i have bosch platinum fours and he said they burn too hot at the top end so it slows down the acceleration so im going to see if the oem platinum plugs will help out any

also would it be better to have an open element air filter or modifie the stock air box to get air from the fender well
thanx for the help
btw i apologize for posting this in the wrong section this is my first one and i didnt really know how to do it
I work on a Toyota Dealership and evertime I see a toyota with rough idle or something to do with ignition is just having a non oem plugs.... Toyota's and any japanese cars runs pretty good with ND or NGK plugs... stick with them and you won't have any problem
cool im gonna do something once i get paid so hopefully the plugs will help out a lot
Your trap speeds are quite low.

Check out my Modifications page to see what I've done to my 83.
Stock, it ran about 16.8 at 82 MPH. With the basic mods of intake, exhaust, AFM and advanced timing, I now run 16.1 at 84.3 MPH.

Bosch plugs are crap.
I use the NGK coppers, one step colder than stock, I believe the number is NGK BCPR6-EY11. Stock would be BCPR5-EY11.
My car runs great on these. I tried the Bosch plats several years ago and they are crap. I actually had one where the center electrode BROKE off. Only the outer bent electrode stopped it from falling into the cylinder and ruining my motor... Very scary. I'll never buy them again, and I tell everyone I know not to use them.
hey guys i went 15.6 at 85 with a 2.03 60ft. This was done with a cut open air box 3in side pipe exhaust and a 24psi in my rear and 50 psi in my front tires and a 2 gear burnout. all those bosch plus 4 are junk and burn so hot they activate the knock sensor. i work at a toyota dealership and thats the number one problem that comes in the door. I run NGK R 22rtec wich is the turbo truck plugs gapped at 33k. But the gap is becuase i also run a 75 shot he he 14.3 at 96
Sounds like we need a drag racing forum.
a drag racing forum would be great
also i got paid today and tom i am picking up a set of ngk platinums for the car i hope this fixes it and next friday ill run my car again if possible(if i don thave to work) and ill let you guys know how much it helped
Just buy the copper ones $1.59 each. Car guys like us change em every once in a while anyway, platinum is for mom's n minivans, when the engine never sees the light of day.
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