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Your trap speeds are quite low.

Check out my Modifications page to see what I've done to my 83.
Stock, it ran about 16.8 at 82 MPH. With the basic mods of intake, exhaust, AFM and advanced timing, I now run 16.1 at 84.3 MPH.

Bosch plugs are crap.
I use the NGK coppers, one step colder than stock, I believe the number is NGK BCPR6-EY11. Stock would be BCPR5-EY11.
My car runs great on these. I tried the Bosch plats several years ago and they are crap. I actually had one where the center electrode BROKE off. Only the outer bent electrode stopped it from falling into the cylinder and ruining my motor... Very scary. I'll never buy them again, and I tell everyone I know not to use them.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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