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Lights that gets you pulled over.

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know what happened to my neice. She owns an 85 supra and she put green running lights on her car and green lights on her wiper washers. Looks awesome at night especially on her black pra. While driving home a cop pulled her over and told her that those lights were not legal to have on her car. He said that as of next year the legislation is changing their things so that they will be giving tickets out as of Jan. Although they are making cars that have those stupid blue or purple lights that just cause problems to the eyes, and they are coming out with xenon lights on cars and those things really mess with some people, but little 5 watt bulbs are a distraction to other drivers. Oh Please! I just wanted everyone to know that bit of info. :mad:
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To get this post back on topic :roll:

Any red or blue light on the front of a non-emergency vehicle is illegal. Any light higher or lower than what's stated in the state revised code is for offroad use only. Lights on top of factory headlamps or below bumper height are illegal for public road use in most states.

All factory fog lamps must switch off when the brights are on (Who the hell made this ruling :roll: )

Thanks to the AARP aftermarket HID's are illegal. Changing the factory bulbs to a color other than white is considered illegal...etc...etc. etc...

James R
_HOT_M16 said:
m is for man I hope you get a "stupidity" ticket if you put that shit on a supradupra.
Thats funny.. but oh so reflective of most people's opinion.

If you see a Civic with it.. why would you want to do it to your car?

James R
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