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Lights that gets you pulled over.

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know what happened to my neice. She owns an 85 supra and she put green running lights on her car and green lights on her wiper washers. Looks awesome at night especially on her black pra. While driving home a cop pulled her over and told her that those lights were not legal to have on her car. He said that as of next year the legislation is changing their things so that they will be giving tickets out as of Jan. Although they are making cars that have those stupid blue or purple lights that just cause problems to the eyes, and they are coming out with xenon lights on cars and those things really mess with some people, but little 5 watt bulbs are a distraction to other drivers. Oh Please! I just wanted everyone to know that bit of info. :mad:
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Wisconsin is the same way. Any light on the rear of the car that is not a tail light or license plate is illegal and may already get you a ticket. Hood washer lights are ok (aparently) as long as they're not white. This is coming from some experiences a few years ago. If they've changed since then, I don't know. 4SFed would probably know...

Yeah, so lights on a mkii = bad thing.

Also, front license plates are a must have, I myself am just waiting for the pull over on that one. Mayhaps I should get new plates, the front one is still on my Honda, stuck. :shifty:

In conclusion, no good.
48?! GOOD LORD! It's approximately 20 or so now, and I don't think any time in the forseeable future it will be any warmer than 27 here in Wisconsin. At least, every forecast I've seen has called for "scattered clouds with a chance of flurries". My Supra got stuck trying to get in my driveway, there's solid ice all over. I'm goin to Florida, where 48 degrees means run around nude...
Hm... Florida, cold female... (wheels spinning) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Florida? ....... :roll:
Well, I would normally say that the fun is right here, but I'll refrain. Anywho, I'll have to see sun tomorrow, as I'm gonna be going to bed now. Night all, night cold weather. Hopefully it will be a nice warm 25 tomorrow... 8)
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, don't mean anyone's ricing their rides out. Unless there's the coffee can on the tailpipe, crappy stickers and badges on it, go nuts I'd say. What does it mean to 'rice out' your Supra anyway? Anyone care to give a detailed explination?

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