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Little brothers dream car

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What’s up guys and gals , I’m new here and decided to throw my newest project up.
A little back story, I’ve always loved cars and everything related with them. I love working on them and bringing them back to life ,I have 3 jeeps and a Datsun 280zx. I have a soft spot for Japanese cars and so does my little brother.
This build is for him. Don’t know what made him want one so bad but for the past year or two he became obsessed with the mk2 Supra. He’s only thirteen but when I saw this one for sale a few hours away and for a rather good price I couldn’t sleep on it. Plan is to get it running and driving reliably by the time he gets his license.

So here’s the project.
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If you can hear FP running, trace flow of petrol and check various spots along way:

1. fuel-lines - disconnect outlet line from fuel-filter. Run pump, does petrol flow from fuel-line? If not, fuel-line or filter is clogged

2. fuel-rail. Reconnect line to filter. Remove fuel-rail, remove injectors, Place bucket under rail (cat litter box works). Run pump, does petrol flow out of rail? If not, hose from filter or rail is clogged

yay, progress! Mentioned earlier you have spark. Running on starter fluid confirms spark. Good job on adjusting distributor! Easy to get it off by one tooth, should confirm with timing light.

Now just need to confirm fuel. You know there's petrol in tank. Just need to trace path and find where it stops.
Send an oil-sample in for analysis. Will tell you what things are wearing and by how much.

Not that difficult to hang engine from strut-towers and lower crossmember. Then remove oil-pan and remove con-rod bearing-cap to inspect rod-bearings. About as much time as it takes to replace oil-pan gasket, so I replace rod-bearings at same time. Here's rod-bearings at 200k-miles, definitely at worn-out limit.

I replace rod-bearings on my Porsche track-car every 200-hrs or so. Or yearly, whichever comes 1st.
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I actually used L-type 195/70-14 tyres on my p-type 14x7" wheels since OEM sizes were so hard to find. With swaybar upgrades, handling was actually better than stock with wider tyres. :)

Good job on those wheels! Looks brand new!!!:)
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