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Little brothers dream car

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What’s up guys and gals , I’m new here and decided to throw my newest project up.
A little back story, I’ve always loved cars and everything related with them. I love working on them and bringing them back to life ,I have 3 jeeps and a Datsun 280zx. I have a soft spot for Japanese cars and so does my little brother.
This build is for him. Don’t know what made him want one so bad but for the past year or two he became obsessed with the mk2 Supra. He’s only thirteen but when I saw this one for sale a few hours away and for a rather good price I couldn’t sleep on it. Plan is to get it running and driving reliably by the time he gets his license.

So here’s the project.
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Morning ! And Thanks for the replies guys , it’s very much appreciated since I really want to get this car going. to answer the questions , I verified I had spark at the spark plug itself , and it appeared to be a good healthy spark.

For the fuel pressure itself , I felt along the fuel pressure hose while I had the fuel pump running and I could feel the fuel flowing through the fuel filter outlet line. I know I know it’s not the most accurate way of testing , I don’t see any spot where I can hook up a fuel pressure gauge sadly.

Would it be okay if I pulled the line going to the cold start injector to see if I’m getting fuel flow or would that be an inaccurate way of checking ?

Worst case scenario I probably will pull the fuel rail off and see if I’m getting fuel out of the injectors.

Other few things I’ve noticed that might help isolate the issue , I noticed the dizzy was adjusted all the way counterclockwise , makes me wonder if someone pulled it and maybe threw it back in ?

I also sprayed starting fluid down the throttle body to see if I could get it too run for at least a second to see if I could completely isolate this to being a fuel system problem but alas the car didnt start even on starting fluid.
If the spark was good and in-time, it should have started with the starting fluid...

I would certainly still check injectors; mine were sitting for 10 years and varnished closed. I back-fed them 12v and ground with the harness disconnected at the resistor and ECM, tapping against the terminal until i heard and felt them clicking.

That isn't likely to solve the problem though. If the distributor is mechanically timed correctly, most likely the igniter has a bad connection to the ECM. Something along these lines is happening.
Awesome will give that a try ^^

All the reply’s are very much appreciated , have learned so much from this place already!!

And ……I finally got it to run for a few seconds !!!! I’m so happy haha so many hours spent trying to figure it out lol.

I was suspect about the distributor and I guess I was right , it appears someone messed with it before and didn’t put it in right , so I set the engine to tdc and the distributor was way off , so I corrected it , sprayed some starting fluid down the throttle body and she ran for a few secs !!!!

Now I gotta get it to stay running , so I gotta figure out the fueling issue
Probably have to get the injectors going again at this rate; is certainly possible on the vehicle but wasn't easy for me. I have a Bosch injector terminal and harness that's about 3 feet long and used it to get them clicking again. They shouldn't really be damaged by constant 12v, but I recommend short pulses as that will help break the little solenoid inside free best.
Thanks for all the advice , you guys are awesome , as of today , it’s finally running after 19 years !!! Found a large rip on the intake tube was keeping it from running.
Only bad thing is that the engine is knocking rather badly :(. But it’s fine we’re not giving up on this , I’m committed to getting this back on the road.
Can you tell where the knocking is from? Mine made some rough noises until the first two heat cycles woke up the valve adjusters/lifters and all the cylinders came online fully. Compression test will help preliminary diagnosis.
I think i just saw one on PHX craigslist, I'll search and get back to you. AZ here, but no spare parts myself unfortunately.

Fb marketplace 5mge phx

7mge LA area
Sick. Thank you guys , that Phoenix 5m looks tempting , is it possible to get an engine to run out of the car ? I don’t to end up with another 5m that has rod knock haha
I suppose it could run with some work but I would start with just asking the owner... it never hurts. Whether they are currently good or not, I would plan to replace the bearings since the engine is already out and accessible.
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