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Lookin for 85supra engine components

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I need sites, companys, or whatever where you guys know where to get the goods. Im gunna need new pistons rings, gasgets, the whole 9 yards.....any titanium valve springs lifters, rockers, anything? Im gunna be doin a 7mgte swap so i want to build the 7mgte motor before i drop it in place of the 5m.......also with that....anyone know if im gunna have to mess with the rear end if i do the swap?

I was told by someone that the only way i would ever have to mess with re-doin the rear end is if i got the 2jz and had a 6 spd tranny, but otherwise i wouldnt have to worry about it.....any truth to this?

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What you've heard about the rear end is right. unless you swap out your tranny for the turbo tranny you won't have to mess with the rear end. both the 5m and 7m blocks can use the w58 tranny so there is no need to change your tranny, bellhousings are the same.
if your looking for 7mgte parts there all over the net. its the 5m parts that are a little harder to get on the net, though most auto stores carry parts for them.
also what i hear is that in the 7mgte swap (wich i plan to use the 7m tranny too) that you have to adjust the space where the transmition will sit.......something about the tranny is to big, and also have to adjust inside the car where the shifter is, cuz it comes out in a different spot....any truth to that?
7MGTE tranny mod....

If you are retaining the W58, no.. You don't have to make any adjustments', everything fits fine.

If you are swapping in the R154, then yes, you'll have to make the above adjustments.
sorry im kinda a :dumbass: whats the diff in the trannys? im not usin my stock 5m tranny cuz i would have to have it rebuilt, and it can only take up to like 450 hp, and i think it woul die before that, let me know, thanks.
The R154 is more or less, a beefed up version of the W58.... Am betting that I'm wrong on this however....

I don' think the R154 and W58 share that many parts. The casing is bigger all around and the clutch setup is different as well. They're both 5spds though :eek:
wich would be better for the 7mgte swap......1990ish 7mgte motor
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