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Hi there. I crossposted this to the MK2 forum under HROLFGANG:

This area puzzles me. With all of the Toyota trucks
running around here, none of the junkyards will admit to having the
Driveshaft to a mid-80's 2wd W5x truck! Strangest thing. Anyone on
the list in Florida have a lead on one? If I can't find one to
modify for my MK2, I did find a place in St. Augustine that will mill
out the bad Ujoints for $75 per joint (better than local places that
want $120 for the same):
They're a reseller for Rockford Driveline equip.

I may have to start hanging out here instead. The MK2 forum is dying down.
'83 Ltype
'85 Ptype
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